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Construction site study - 02
  • Construction site study - 02

    This captivating piece from the cityscape series  beautifully captures the dynamic transformation of a construction site. This painting offers a mesmerizing portrayal of the bustling world of labor and machinery. The use of recycled materials for the frame enhances the piece's sustainability and adds a raw, industrial element to the artwork. Measuring 20" by 24", this acrylic on canvas painting is a contemporary representation of the ever-evolving urban landscape. Created in 2021, Construction Site study  is a testament to the beauty found in the chaos of construction.

    • shipping/pick up/delivery option

      Depending on your location, the art work can be picked up , delivered or shipped ( cost of shipping varies depending on location and dimension of painting purchase ) 

      feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the art work, method of purchase or shipping fees
      text or call 310 696 1760

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